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As you can see from our long list of elevator products below, we cater mainly to the Elevator Industry, and we also do other metal fabrication and manufacturing as well. Take a look at our list below and if you see something interesting, please don't hesitate to call or E-mail us.

Elevator Products list:

* Elevator test weight carts * Seismic (E.Q.) Plates
* Governor Stands * Buffer stands Car & CWT
* Pit Ladders * Rail Brackets
* Buffer Inspection Decks * Rope Gripper Steel
* Door Lock adaptor plates * CWT stingers
* Machine Guarding * Governor Guarding
* Rope Guarding * Rope retainers
* Ring & String Kits * Toe Guards * Governor Adaptor plates * Hoistway Screening
* Controller stands * CWT Filler weights
* CWT Guarding

Other types of Metal Fabrication:

* Deck/Porch Posts * Light Posts
* Custom Wagons w/ 4 Wheel Steering ( 3 models )